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Eddie Chaudhry
Senior Vice President,
Western U.S Region, Entertainment and Cultural Properties Division.
Cypress Private Security
4221 Wilshire Blvd, Suite # 392
Los Angeles, CA 90010
Direct: (818) 858-6701
Email: EChaudhry@cypress-security.com

Entertainment Industry

Security for the entertainment industry is one of the most unique and complex markets in the security world. Of course the biggest challenge is to break into that market, which is difficult if you are not a known commodity. Someone with experience and a good reputation, who is known by the Studios Security Chiefs, is a real plus. Eddie Chaudhry is just such a person. He has been working in the entertainment industry for over a quarter century. He is fully aware of client needs and expectations in the industry and Eddie has a proven record with an excellent reputation in the industry.

Eddie has worked in every facet of the security field, and in the last eighteen plus years, has risen to a senior Management/ Vice President position for one of the largest security company's in the world, providing contract security to industry giants such as NBC-Universal, DreamWorks, Fox, ESPN, Raleigh Studios and others. Eddie has managed a force of over 1100 personnel and dealt with issues and demands from both union and non-union sites. Eddie is part of the Studios Chief Associations, and has built an excellent relationship with various law enforcement agencies, fire and emergency service agencies. He is well versed in the latest disaster planning efforts and is aware of the compliance issues involving Cal- OSHA. During his long tenure at Universal Studios, Eddie oversaw all day to day operations. He handled a variety of last minute production requests and managed numerous special events, including on site events, movie premiers with red carpet dignitaries, an anti-piracy security effort and large off lot major events. Eddie has managed five Emmy awards, requiring two to three hundred personnel for both NBC and FOX Studios.

Eddie's vast knowledge of the entertainment industry, and his close relationship with various studios executives and their staff, together with his hands on experience, places him in a unique position to lead Cypress Security in the entertainment industry.

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